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Recipe Box

  • Ochazuke

    Ochazuke is a Japanese dish consisting of rice topped off with green tea and a variety of ingredients. It is a simple description for such a satisfying and comforting bowl of food. When you hear people talk about ochazuke, their memories can range from parents making it as an after school snack to a needed fix after a late night out. 
  • Cardamom Pannacotta & Black Tea Jelly

    We recreated the flavors of our Gita Anjali Chai with a Cardamom infused Panna Cotta and Black Tea Jelly, topped with Rose and Pistachios.
  • Lahpet Thoke Tea Salad

    Tea salad! This dish comes from Burma, where green tea is treated not only as a drink but as an ingredient for dinner. Like many fermented dishes, Lahpet is traditionally aged underground for a long period. We took a slightly quicker approach so that is somewhere between fermentation and pickling.
  • Tea Eggs

    A Chinese and Taiwanese popular snack food, these hard boiled eggs soak in a mixture of tea and spices. This recipe is easily customized - scal...
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