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Recipe Box

  • Sumac Granita

    Cool down with our Sumac Granita, a tart and tasty treat.
  • Falafel

    I can't go to school today, I falafel.
  • Lahpet Thoke Tea Salad

    Tea salad! This dish comes from Burma, where green tea is treated not only as a drink but as an ingredient for dinner. Like many fermented dishes, Lahpet is traditionally aged underground for a long period. We took a slightly quicker approach so that is somewhere between fermentation and pickling.
  • Baba Ganoush

    Bountiful summer harvests and cooler weather means it the best time to make your own baba ganoush. Whether treated as a side dis...
  • Tiki Puris

      Puri is a fried bread that in Indian cuisine is used as a vehicle to scoop up stewed vegetables or pickles. A Tiki p...
  • Arancini

    Fried balls of rice stuffed with cheese. Need we say more?

    You will need cooked arborio rice for this recipe. While you can cook the rice and then cool it specifically to make arancini, I think it works better to use leftover risotto. Mostly because you get to that cheesy goodness faster and if you are using our recipe for mushroom risotto, it basically counts as a vegetable.

  • Rajma

    Walking through the grocery store has been a strange experience lately for many reasons - particularly to see what people are buying...
  • Curried Mung

    For Curried Mung, waiting is the hardest part. The actual cooking of the dish is a quick and easy process and puts you one step closer to a complete thali.
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