2023 Indian Holiday Fest

Welcome to the Chai Crawl!

First - what is chai? Masala chai is a spiced tea served with milk and sugar. Its origin in India is a part of a complex history and can be viewed as a pushback against British rule. Check out this article to get a brief introduction to how chai came to be. 

Chai differs from state to state, household to household, even family member to family member. This crawl is a small look into the many different chais sipped around the world. 

Also chai means tea. You don't have to say "Chai Tea." 

Start the Crawl! 

  1. Stop by the Suraj Spices & Teas booth. You can purchase a regular sized cup or our special size in a kullad, a natural clay cup.

Choose either Masala Chai – Made with our house Chai Masala, black tea, sugar, and milk  or Masala Cocoa – Made with our house Chai Masala, Anamalai cocoa, sugar, and coconut milk. 

  1. Head over to The Horn where you can purchase either a refill of your kullad or full cup of their chai. Try a sambusa! 

  1. Fill up at Sarabha’s Creamery where you can purchase either a refill of your kullad or a full cup of their chai while learning about thier sweet treats.

When you’ve completed the crawl, head back to Suraj Spices & Teas where you can take a pic at our backdrop with your chai cups and ring the bell!

Celebrate your crawl by heading over to Sweet Radish to decorate your kullad while learning about how this local non-profit sets up New American families with CSAs. Kullads are single use chai cups but you can keep them as decoration or to store knickknacks. 

On your way out, consider heading over to Radical Rabbit, the vegan soul food booth, where you can purchase a holiday plate to donate to someone. Or learn how to support Athena's Harvest a long time member of the Richland Park market.