Price List

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 Hira Cast Iron Teapot

Cast Iron Teapot -
Red or Black

Kullad/Kullar Cup

Matcha Bowl

Matcha Container with Sifter

Matcha Whisk

Matcha Whisk Holder 

Chashaku, Bamboo Matcha Spoon

Matcha Hand Sifter

Suraj Tea Sampler 
A selection of our house made blends featuring 2 black teas, 2 green teas, and 2 herbal tisanes.

Rooibos Sampler
A sampling of non-flavored and flavored rooibos. 

Oolong Sampler
A set of oolongs including roasted, Taiwanese, and milk oolongs. 

Green Tea Sampler

Darjeeling Sampler
A set of Darjeelings differing in flavor based on when the teas were harvested

Mate Sampler
Sample different Yerba Mates, including the less aged Green Mate and a blend of Mate with peppermint and cacao nibs. 

Holly Sampler
A set of different caffeinated holly herbs sipped around the world. 

Perfect Tea Timer

Perfect Teaspoon


Mandala Trivet

Mandala Coaster 
Set of 4

Digital Thermometer

Sari Baskets

Medium - $10.50
Large - $17.00
Extra Large with Handles - $35.00