Teas and Multiple Infusions

Teas and Multiple Infusions

Certain loose leaf teas can be brewed with multiple infusions - meaning that you can brew the same spoon of tea more than once. For some teas, it means one extra cup; for others, it can be 5-10 more cups of tea. Each time you steep the tea, it will slightly change in flavor and strength. It can not only keep your cup full, but also help you find your preferred steeping time. With each infusion, you can play with time, temperature, and the amount of water to use. 

Three teacups with tea in them

Here is a multiple infusion of Darjeeling, 1st Flush
With each infusion, we slightly increased the steeping time and temperature of the water. We preferred the 2nd brew, when the tannins of the Darjeeling had smoothed out but the brew was still strong.




Pu'ers, Mates, Guayusa, and Yaupon are great for multiple infusions. They will grow in strength and flavor.

For pu'ers, you start with short infusions and slowly build. Because pu'ers are have a such a strong, earthy flavor, the early infusions tend to be lighter and are a good way to introduce pu'ers. 

Try a multiple infusion with your next tea and taste the full range of flavor it can offer. 

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