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Bala Masala

Bala Masala

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A new curry powder* inspired by the ingredients of Vietnam, Thailand, and Indonesia.

Fruity on the nose, this blend packs a nice amount of heat and balances well with the fattiness of coconut milk and the acidity of lime juice. 

*Curry powders are not found in Indian cuisines. The British came up with the idea of curry powder to mass produce a short cut to flavors they experienced in India. The idea traveled as the British did, and now you often see curry referenced as a spice blend in other Asian cuisines. Indian cuisines have taken up the name of curry to simply describe dishes with a thick gravy. In India, spice blends are often called Masalas. 

You could say that I called this a masala as a way to teach the difference in terms, to showcase the movement of spices and flavors across Asia, or to stay true to my Indian heritage. But also - it  rhymes. 

Available in bulk by weight or in prepacked containers. Bulk orders are packed into one bag unless otherwise requested.


Hand Blended by Suraj Spices & Teas using Single Origin and Organic Ingredients


Chile Flakes, Single Origin Coriander, Galangal+, Peppercorns*, Makrut Lime Leaf, Single Origin Lemongrass
Certified Organic by *QAI, Inc and +Oregon Tilth

Sizing Guide

One ounce is approximately 3-4 tablespoons.

How we pack your order

Items ordered by ounces or pounds are packed into one bulk bag. For example, if you order 5 ounces of peppercorns, you will receive one bag with 5 ounces of peppercorns inside. If you would like individual 1 oz bags, please add a note to your order at check out. All of our zipper bags can be composted at home.

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