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Bala Masala (Curry Powder)

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A new curry powder* inspired by the ingredients of Vietnam, Thailand, and Indonesia.

Fruit on the nose, this blend packs a nice amount of heat and balances well with the fattiness of coconut milk and the acidity of lime juice. 

*Curry powders are not found in Indian cuisines. The British came up with the concept to replicate the flavors in Indian cooking. The idea traveled as the British did, and now you often see curry referenced as a spice blend in other Asian cuisines. Indian cuisines have taken up the name of curry to simply describe dishes with a thick gravy. In India, spice blends are often called Masala. You could say that I called this a masala as a way to teach the difference in terms, to showcase the pan-Asian influence, or to stay true to my Indian heritage. But really, it's because it rhymes. 

Hand Blended by Suraj Spices & Teas using Single Origin and Organic Ingredients

Ingredients: Chile Flakes, Coriander, Galangal+, Peppercorns*, Makrut Lime Leaf, Lemongrass

 Certified Organic by *QAI, Inc. and +Oregon Tilth