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Iru, Fermented Locust Beans, Nigeria, Single Origin

Iru, Fermented Locust Beans, Nigeria, Single Origin

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Iru are fermented beans from the Nigerian Locust tree. At first sniff, you get a slight cocoa flavor that turns into a savory, umami aroma. Iru can go by many name sand is used in a variety of west African cuisines and dishes - try making Ofada or Ayamase Stew, a slow simmered dish of bell peppers. You can use Iru by adding to similar dishes of soups and stews, rehydrating in hot water, draining, and adding to dishes, or sauteing with aromatics. 

Iru is a disappearing condiment and its preservation comes from the work of Tunde Wey in partnership with Burlap & Barrel. Learn more about Tunde Wey's bran FK.N.STL and Iru here

Origin: Ilaro, Ogun State, Nigeria

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