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Paprika, Smoked, Single Origin

Paprika, Smoked, Single Origin

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This Smoked Paprika comes from a single family-owned production in the Extremadura region of western Spain. known for pimentón de la vera, which has a Designation of Protected Origin status from the European Union. The chiles are smoked in a two level smokehouse where oak wood fires in the lower level burn for 24 hours a day.

Smoked Paprika has complex chile flavor with a smokey sweetness. It is a common spice in chorizo, barbecue marinades, and fried chicken. The sweet chile pairs well with black pepper, garlic, oregano, caraway and allspice. Try with potato dishes, from dusting French fries, seasoning potato salad, or spicing Tortilla Espanola.

Available in bulk by weight or in prepacked containers. Bulk orders are packed into one bag unless otherwise requested.


Extremadura, Spain

Sizing Guide

One ounce is approximately 3 - 4 Tablespoons.

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