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Tasmanian Pepper Berry

Tasmanian Pepper Berry

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Tasmanian Pepper Berries, also known as mountain pepper, is a native spice to Australia. It has a slightly numbing effect, like a cooler Sichuan pepper, and a sweet berry flavor that builds in heat. The berries are hollow are are easy to crush. They also absorb moisture in the air so store in an air tight container. If you find they have softened, simply dry them out in an oven at the lowest setting. 

Use the berries as a finishing spices or for quick cooking; it will lose the intensity of its flavor as it cooks. Sprinkle on to cheese, use as a quick marinade for seafood, or sprinkle on top of desserts like berries and cream. 

Origin: Australia

Available in bulk by weight or in prepacked containers. Bulk orders are packed into one bag unless otherwise requested.



Sizing Guide

One ounce is approximately 4 Tablespoons.

How we pack your order

Items ordered by ounces or pounds are packed into one bulk bag. For example, if you order 5 ounces of peppercorns, you will receive one bag with 5 ounces of peppercorns inside. If you would like individual 1 oz bags, please add a note to your order at check out. All of our zipper bags can be composted at home.

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