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Wild Mesquite, Argentina, Single Origin

Wild Mesquite, Argentina, Single Origin

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When most people hear mesquite, they imagine a deep smokey flavor, imparted by using wood from mesquite trees. This wild mesquite powder, however, does not come from the wood. The powder is from the pulp of the fruit of the tree - legumes that grow in long bean pods. Rather than smokey, wild mesquite has a naturally sweet flavor, reminiscent of cocoa and cinnamon, with a slight note of coconut. You can add to milk or water for a quick hot cocoa or to give a new flavor to desserts that normally use cocoa or cinnamon. Wild Mesquite is also great in savory dishes - think of adding it to well spiced dishes to give a new dimension - moles, braises, chiles, dry rubs all get a new life with this complex spice. 

Origin: Santiago del Estero, Argentina

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