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Black Onyx Cocoa

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The three types of cocoa are natural, a light brown color, Dutch Process, a darker brown, and Black Onyx, the dark almost black powder. Natural cocoa is slightly acidic. Dutch Process has been slightly alkalized to produce a less acidic, smoother flavor.

Black Onyx is the most alkalized powder and has the smoothest, mildly chocolate flavor. This cocoa lends its dark color to chocolate sandwich cookies and works well in baking, drinks, and savory recipes that call for chocolate.

Black Onyx Cocoa can be used in place of natural or Dutch process cocoa in recipes that do not need a leavening agent. You can easily swap for frosting, smoothies, puddings, and custards.

If you are using them with a leavening agent and will need to rise, like a cake or bread, either use baking powder or split the Black Onyx with natural cocoa powder and use baking soda.

The alkaline process removes fat from the cocoa, so the Black Onyx may be dry but pairs well with rich fats such as butter and coconut milk.

Sizing Guide

An ounce is approximately 2-3 tablespoons.