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Our Egyptian style Dukkah is nutty and savory with a bit of smoke. We toast hazelnuts, nigella and sesame seeds, coriander and other spices until they become fragrant and their natural oils are warm. Then, we carefully grind them with other spices until the blend has the texture of sand so the Dukkah adds texture as well as flavor to your meals.

Dunk a piece pf bread in olive oil and then into the dukkah for a quick snack. Sprinkle over salads, cheeses, and yogurt for an instant punch of flavor. Use as a dry rub before grilling. 


Hand Blended by Suraj Spices & Teas
Ingredients: Sesame*, Hazelnut+, Coriander*, Black Pepper*, Nigella*,Single Origin Smoked Paprika

Contains tree nuts and sesame seeds. Manufactured in a facility which processes major allergens.

Certified Organic by *QAI, Inc. and +Pro-Cert

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