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Flowering Jasmine Lily Tower

Flowering Jasmine Lily Tower

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Green tea is sewn together with jasmine flowers that bloom as they brew, for a sweet and floral cup of green tea. Each bud should be made with enough water to bloom - at least two cups of water for every bud, and in a glass vessel - teapot, glass, or even a jar. Make sure to steep the flower after it blooms - each bud can make quite a bit of tea.


Sizing Guide

1 bud can make 2-3 cups of tea at a time. Steep each bud multiple times.

Brewing Suggestion

Brewing Suggestion: Pour slightly boiling water over the bud in a clear glass or teapot. Steep and watch as the tea flower blooms, 5-8 minutes. Strain tea into cups. 2-3 infusions.

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