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Garam Masala

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Garam Masala is an all purpose Indian seasoning often added in the late stages of cooking dals (lentils), curries and vegetable dishes. While Garam Masala translates to a hot mix of spices, it actually brings more warmth than sharp heat, with sweet notes of cardamom and cinnamon, smokey cumin, and toasted coriander.

For the best and freshest garam masala, buy our kit of whole spices. Simply toast and blend the whole spices and then store in our cork topped jar with a spoon. Like a mini masala dabba, it will become your go to for adding brightness and spice to your dishes.

Hand blended by Suraj Spices & Teas

Ingredients: Black Pepper*, Coriander, Cardamom~, Cumin*, Clove*, Cinnamon*, Bay Leaves*

*Certified Organic by QAI, Inc.
~Single Origin