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Golden Tips Assam, SFTFGOP

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The tea leaves come from Camellia assamica, a large tea leaf grown at only a few select tea estates. The leaves are oxidized longer than most darker Assams, resulting in an amber red brew and a high volume of essential oil that coats the surface of the tea. This is a high-quality tea, noted by its longs leaves and abundance of gold coloring on the leaves. The result is a smooth drinking tea with notes of apple and pear. This Assam takes milk and sugar well and makes a great iced tea.

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Leaf Grade: SFTGFOP
Origin: Assam, India

Sizing Guide

1 ounce makes approximately 20 cups.
Square tins make approximately 15 cups of tea, and double lid tea tin will make approximately 75 cups of tea.


Leaf Grade: SFTGFOP

Brewing Suggestion

Brew 1 tsp per 8 oz of water at 200°F for 3-5 minutes. 1-3 infusions.

Water Temperature Guide