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Green Cardamom Pods, Single Origin

Green Cardamom Pods, Single Origin

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This single origin cardamom is grown by Don Amilcar in a biodynamic, vertically integrated farm where they grow, harvest, dry and export the cardamom pods. Grown using traditionally organic and sustainable farming practices, the cardamom thrives in the high altitude and low temperatures of the Guatemalan cloud forests. The result is a fragrant cardamom with a high oil content and fruity flavor. The pods have a yellow-green color, as they are able to fully ripen before harvest, developing a complex and floral flavor.

When kept as whole pods, cardamom will keep its flavor for over a year. Use whole pods to flavor rice, curries and pickling brines. Toast with cinnamon, bay leaf, coriander and cumin and grind for flavorful spice blend great for chicken, lentils, and chickpeas. Crush and add to teas or mix with coffee grounds while brewing. Cardamom pairs well with rose, basil, citrus and stone fruit, and lemongrass.

Origin: Alta Verapaz, Guatemala

Single Origin

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