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Curry Leaves, Kari Patta, Limbdi, Organic

Curry Leaves, Kari Patta, Limbdi, Organic

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Curry leaves, also known as kari patta, kadi patta or limbdi, grow on the sweet neem tree. It has an aromatic and bright green flavor. Use the dried leaves when the fresh are not available. Curry leaves are often used in tadkas, added to warm oil along with other spices at the start of cooking or to finish a dish. We like to pair them with cumin and chiles, adding to chickpeas, lentils, and kadhi. 

Local customers - look out for our sale of kari patta plants in the summer!

Curry leaves are sold in .15 oz bags and are approximately 1/2 cup in volume. 

Origin: India
Certified Organic by NJDA

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