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Mahbir Kashmiri Saffron, Single Origin

Mahbir Kashmiri Saffron, Single Origin

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We are thrilled to offer Mahbir’s Kashmiri Saffron. Grown in the mountains of Kashmir, this saffron has a deep, dark red color, a rich and floral aroma, and long, thick strands. In 2018, Mahbir Saffron was awarded with 2 stars at the Great Taste Awards - a wonderful recognition of the quality and care put into producing this unique spice. Perfect for both savory and sweet dishes as well as teas, saffron pairs well with a variety of spices from equally floral cardamom to spicy paprika. Climate change has impacted crop growth around the world and Kashmiri saffron in particular has borne the brunt over the past decades. We are then not only excited to offer true Kashmiri saffron but also a single origin saffron that can be traced back to the actual farmer who hand harvested these delicate flower stigmas.

Our Mahbir Kashmiri Saffron is sold by the gram and is packaged in cork top glass bottles.

Origin: Kashmir, India



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