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Xantou Mandarin Black Pu'er

Xantou Mandarin Black Pu'er

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Black pu’er is a fermented tea where the tea is packed and aged without being completely dry. The result is a earthy, bold flavor tea. This pu’er is aged in hollowed out mandarin orange, combining the earthy taste with a sweet orange flavor. Unlike other orange flavored teas that are flavored with orange essence, this tea imparts the distinct flavor of the orange rind - citrus with an undertone of bitterness. Before opening, this tea can be stored up to 3 years, and when opened 1 year. Try cold brewing and drinking iced. It also takes well to milk and sweeteners.


Yunnan, China

Sizing Guide

Price is per Mandarin, averaging 1 oz or 15 cups.

Brewing Suggestion

Fully experience the tea by drinking multiple infusions. Spoon out 1 teaspoon. 1st brew the tea for 30 seconds. 2nd and 3rd brew for 40 seconds. 4th brew 60 seconds. 5th brew 90 seconds. 6th brew 120 seconds.

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