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Porcini Mushroom Broth Starter

Porcini Mushroom Broth Starter

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Dried Porcini mushrooms and a mix of herbs and spices will help you create a broth that can easily be upgraded to a mushroom cream soup, risotto or mushroom gravy for vegetable pot pies. The starter comes with a recipe card with tips and suggestions.

Recipe for Porcini Mushroom Broth
1 Soup Kit 4-5 cups of broth or water Salt to Taste

Place mushrooms in a bowl and cover with hot water. Let sit for 15 minutes. Strain. 

Stove Top: Bring all ingredients to a boil. Reduce heat, cover, and let simmer for 1 hour.
Instapot: Cook all ingredients low pressure 6 minutes, 10 minutes to release.
If you prefer, you can strain out the cooked mushrooms or chop and use later in a dish.

You can use the broth in many ways:
Pasta En Brodo – Cook 4 servings of pasta in broth. Serve with broth and a sprinkle of grated

Mushroom and Rice Soup – Bring broth to a boil. Add 1 cup of rice and salt to taste. Once
the rice is cooked, finish with a ½ cup of cream.

Mushroom Gravy – Make a roux with equal parts fat and flour. If using all the broth, use 2
Tbls of each. Let cook until a light tan. Add broth, 1 Tbls tomato paste, and salt to taste.
Whisk and let thicken. Serve over potatoes, use in shepherd’s pie or make vegetable pot pie.

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