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Puducherry Red Peppercorn

Puducherry Red Peppercorn

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These red peppercorns, unlike pink peppercorns, are true peppers. While most peppercorns are picked when they are still green and dried to the black pepper we know well, these peppercorns are left as long as possible on the vine, developing their red hue. This is a rare and costly process as the long the pepper is on the vine, the more appealing it is to birds or other animals, so farmers have to be quick on their harvest. The result is the sweetest peppercorns, with a fruity flavor that give way to a spicy finish. 

Puducherry peppercorns pair well with citrus and ginger and are a great way to anything flavor everything from seafood to desserts. 

Origin: Puduchery (Pondicherry), India

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