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Nashville Hot Mix

Nashville Hot Mix

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We’re paying tribute to just a few of the communities that make up Nashville with this set of hot and spicy mixes. Each set features Moroccan Ras El Hanout, Turkish Ottoman Spice, Chinese 5 Spice, Japanese Shichimi Togarashi, Ethiopian Berbere, and Piri Piri - a spice mix that originated in Africa, made its way to Portugal and then made a home in India. This collection of spices has different levels of heat and different notes of warm spices, smokiness, nuttiness, and citrus. You’ll find similarities and note how the same spices can be used in different ways. And hopefully, you’ll discover more of Nashville’s identity.

Each spice comes in a cork topped glass bottle and the set is stored in a window tin.

Bottle: 3.4 x .75 “
Window Tin: 5.5" by 3.7"

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